The Message: “Summertime”

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Despite the weather, we are fast approaching that magical time of year, when weekends are filled with sunny, poolside, conversations and reading time, when the kids are tan and happily take their chaos outside and when many of our offices slow down, at least enough that we can get away for a vacation or two! 

Since the beach is calling and most of us can’t take off three months over the summer, we know you will probably be spending many of your summer weekends in locations that are not St. Nick’s. (Obviously you have found a wonderful home-base church at your vacation locations, right? ;)) But like your office, the ministries of St. Nick’s do not take a hiatus for the summer. Alas, the bills still expect to be paid and your loving staff still enjoying being able to eat. We kick off a huge canned food drive in July and Christian formation slows but does not stop. Worship on Sundays continues and we pray for all our members that are away with some well-deserved leisure time.

I don’t know about you, but I have most of my bills on auto-pay. At any given time, bills are the item that has the tendency to (happily) be forgotten and it is easier to make sure the bills come out first. Please consider putting your pledge or offering on auto-pay, at least for the summer. If that isn’t a great option for you, and it is possible, consider paying your pledge at the beginning of the month. That way we can still hold down the church while you pray at the beach. Regardless, please keep St. Nick’s in mind this summer, financially, so that we can continue to do the work that God has collectively given us to do.

In Christ’s love,

The Rev. Shivaun Wilkinson, Missioner


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