All of God’s people are gifted by God for ministry and service. We want to help you discover your gifts so you can live into your ministry.

One of the best guides for discovering your gifts, improving your discipleship, and living into the ministry to which God is calling you is this booklet developed by Greg Troxell:

Download your copy. Then take and score at least the first three assessments.

We’ll be happy to help you explore!

We know that God has planted in each of us a small part of God’s image – through Christ’s love God is calling a unique person into being in you. We want to be a place where you can experience that growth.

Part of that growth involves giving back: exercising our hearts and sharing God’s love through the ways that we contribute and serve.

Contribute. Submit a Giving Estimate or Make a Donation.
Serve the Church. Assisting in ministries aimed at transforming the congregation.
Serve the Community. Assisting in ministries aimed at transforming the local community.
Serve the World. Assisting in ministries aimed at transforming the world.

We serve all God’s people and transform the world with small deeds done with great love, one at a time.

I was hungry and you gave me food… thirsty and you gave me something to drink… a stranger and you welcomed me…naked and you gave me clothing…sick and you took care of me…in prison and you visited me.

Matt 25:34-36