It’s Easy to Become a Member of the St. Nick’s Community

You don’t have to be an official member of St. Nicholas Church to participate fully in the St. Nick’s community.  All who come through our doors are welcome to take part in everything we do. But if you want to make your connection with us official, there are two requirements to become an official member:

  1. Enroll in our congregation (have your baptism enrolled in our parish register).
  2. Contribute to the work of Christ through our parish (time, talent, and treasure).


If you are already baptised: Simply request that your baptismal records be transferred to St. Nicholas Church from the church you previously attended. One form per family member please. Click the button below to complete the request online.

If you are not already baptised: Simply arrange to be baptised at St. Nick’s. Your baptism will automatically be recorded in our parish register. Click the button below to complete the request online.


We encourage members to become regular contributors to the church, not only of their “treasure,” but of their time and talent as well. We believe it is important to giving back to God a portion of what God has given us.

Giving Financially. Your contribution is entirely a private matter: an important decision but one that you alone can make, prayerfully and in respond to God. You do not need to pledge to be a welcome and valued member of our congregation. However, making a pledge helps you as the giver develop a disciplined stewardship in how you give back a portion of what God has given you to God’s work. It also helps the leadership of St. Nick’s be better stewards of the resources you give us through better planning. Click the button below to complete the estimate online.

Giving Time and Talent. You can make an “official” offering of your time and taken or you can just get involved.


Baptism is the basic form of membership in the Christian church. If you or your children wish to be baptized, contact the clergy. If have already been baptized (in any denomination) and would like to be considered a member of this parish, just let the office know!

If you were baptized in the Episcopal Church, you should contact the last parish where you attended and ask for a letter of transfer.


Confirmation is a person’s mature affirmation of faith. Because of this, it has become the practice in the Episcopal Church to Confirm at 16 years of age or older.

If you were confirmed (or received) while attending another Episcopal Church, you should request transfer to St. Nick’s. If you have already been Confirmed in another denomination, the Episcopal Church accepts that Confirmation, so you need only be “Received” into the Episcopal Church.

If you or your children wish to be confirmed, contact the Church Office.


A Member in Good Standing

A baptized person who, in addition to being enrolled here (as above), participates regularly in the
life of the parish, including giving financial support.

A Communicant in Good Standing

One who was confirmed (or received) in the Episcopal Church, has transferred their letter here
(if not confirmed while here), and supports the life of the parish.