“A Place to Become”

Our vision for St. Nicholas Church is captured in our slogan: “A Place to Belong, A Place to Become.”

When you come to St. Nick’s, you don’t just belong – you also become. Why? Because we know that God has planted in each of us a small part of God’s image – through Christ’s love God is calling a unique person into being in you.  We want to be a place where you can experience that growth.

Part of that growth involves giving back: exercising our hearts and sharing God’s love through the ways that we contribute (“Where your money is, there your heart is also” Matt 6:21) and the ways we serve (“I was hungry and you gave me food… thirsty and you gave me something to drink… a stranger and you welcomed me…naked and you gave me clothing…sick and you took care of me…in prison and you visited me.” Matt 25:34-36)

This section of our website describes the ways you can contribute and serve, including:

We serve all God’s people and transform the world with small deeds done with great love, one at a time.

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