El Hogar

The mission of El Hogar is to transform and empower abandoned and hopelessly poor children in Honduras by providing a loving home and education.

“El Hogar’s goal is for them to fulfill their ultimate potential as productive, caring and independent Honduran citizens.”

“At El Hogar, they find the most desperate children – the ones on the streets, the ones without enough to eat, the ones at most risk — and show them what a better future looks like. They give them the love, the support and the tools to help make this vision their new reality. One child at a time, they are planting the seeds of hope for a new, more prosperous Honduras.”

“In the subsequent 33 years since their founding over 600 children have graduated from El Hogar, which has grown to include four campuses: an elementary school, a Technical Institute, an Agricultural School and a Girls’ Campus.”

“El Hogar has realized much growth from the original five boys to over 250 boys and girls in the four centers. They have a capable Honduran staff of 75 dedicated role models for the children.

The children learn by instruction and example, and through the love of God. They are baptized and confirmed in the Episcopal Church. They develop daily prayer discipline, and attend weekly Eucharist conducted by their chaplain, an Episcopal priest.”