Instructions for completing the Capital Campaign Questionnaire:

  1. Gather. Ask at least one other person to take the questionnaire with you (in person or by conference call)
  2. Say a short prayer. Ask God to open the eyes of your heart so that you might glimpse God’s vision for St. Nicholas Episcopal Church.
  3. Review the Capital Campaign process (scroll to bottom of page)
  4. Watch the 5 min. Power Point Presentation. (click here)
  5. Take the online Discernment Questionnaire (below)
  6. Closing Prayer. Thank God for being present.

There are three phases to our capital campaign.

  1. Discernment, in which we clarify our vision for our parish and how it related to the church building. [this is the phase we are in now]
  2. Feasibility, in which we determine how much resources we can raise toward meeting the need, how many phases it will require, and over how many years. [this is the phase we will do in the spring]
  3. Ask, in which we gather our people together to receive their financial commitments toward the church building. [we will schedule this after we complete phase 2]