“Where your money is, there your heart will be also…” — Jesus

When you truly experience God’s generous love, it is almost impossible not to want to give back…

There are many ways to respond in love to all that God has given us:  loving God back, loving others as God loves us, loving by putting our God-given gifts and talents to work in serving the Church, the community, and the world. These are all good. These are all very good.

But Jesus makes it clear that if we don’t thoughtfully and prayerfully include our money and material wealth in what we give back to God, if what we give does not reflect our ultimate priorities, then our money and wealth will ultimately draw our attention away from God.  

There are two main ways to give financially to St. Nicholas Church (click on titles to learn more):

  • Submit a Giving Estimate. Letting the church leadership know your plans for giving helps us be better stewards of your gifts by doing more accurate planning and budgeting. It is simply your best estimate of what you think you can do, and it can be changed if your circumstance change. Click here to Submit a Giving Estimate.
  • Make a Donation.  Regular giving also helps us be better stewards of you gifts. Having an adequate and regular flow of donations lowers everyone’s anxieties, so giving on a recurring basis via online banking  or our online donation portal is much appreciated.  Click here to Make a Donation.

Other ways to give include:

  • Shopping at our online Amazon store. Click on the Amazon logo at the top right-hand side of our site or go to astore.amazon.com/saintnicom-20 and start shopping. St. Nick’s get 6% of your purchase.
  • Shopping through various online portals such as:
    • AmazonSmile.  Go to smile.amazon.com, select St. Nicholas Episcopal Church as your charity, and start shopping. St. Nick’s gets 0.5% of your purchase.
    • eScripts. Go to shopping.escrip.com, select St. Nicholas Episcopal Church as your charity, and shop at any of more than 50 stores and St. Nick’s gets between 0.3% and 12% of your purchase depending on the store.
    • iGive. Go to www.iGive.com, select St. Nicholas Episcopal Church as your charity, and shop at any of more than 100 stores. St. Nick’s gets between 0.8% and 20% depending on the store.

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