Christian Formation the Week of 2/23

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What Makes a Saint?

Join us in fun exploration of sainthood.

Voting continues in Lent Madness! Today we are voting for either hadeqijch or Juan Diego. Fill out your bracket and then vote. Don’t want to do a full bracket? No problem, you can vote online and/or participate in our weekly discussions regardless.

Flat Nicholas continues his pilgrimage. In our family, we have cleaned out our closet for those in need and started exploring possible ministries at St. Nick’s for our little one to join. You can print the materials you need online from our Facebook event page.

Hope you can jump in with us!
In Christ,
Mother Shivaun


Lent Madness is a nationally run competition between saints. 

How you play: Fill out your bracket. See Barbara Miles at church to get a book or you can print one here. The brackets work exactly like March Madness. It is a single elimination competition, except instead of playing basketball, we vote. Go online each day and vote (one time) for your pick. The winner proceeds to the next round.

Each Sunday, Barbara Miles will host a conversation after the 10AM service: Who won? Who should have won? What makes a saint?

When does it start? TODAY! We will take you on your honor if you bring your bracket picks on Sunday. Fill it out and start voting!

For more information you can email Barbara Miles or Mother Shivaun

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Pilgrimage of Flat Nicholas is daily activity set made for kids and families.

How you play: Get you kit at church on Sunday

 from Mother Shivaun or you can print one yourself here. Color your large Flat Nicholas and cut him out. Color your game piece and cut it out. Attach your board onto a sturdy background. Cut out your forty saint cards. Each day, draw a new saint card. Read about the saint. Do the activity. Pray and reflect. As you do your activity, take a picture with your Flat Nicholas. You can post your pictures here and/or bring them to church. When you have completed your daily saint card, color up to the next number on your labyrinth and move your game piece.

Each Sunday, Mother Shivaun will host a conversation and activity after the10AM service: Who did you meet? What did you do? What makes a saint?

When does it start? TODAY! But if you don’t have your game board yet, don’t worry, you can pick it up Sunday.

Email Mother Shivaun for more info.


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