Believing that the only sufficient basis for Christian community is Christ’s love for us, our vision is to create a welcoming community where people of faith from all backgrounds can find a spiritual home.

What We Have Learned (over the last quarter):

  • The ministry of Parish Life is the connecting tissue of our parish. Parish Life has been learning more and more about the centrality of our role. We are called to connect the lives of the people of to the life of congregation and to each other. From invitation to departure, in sickness and in health, our job is to help people engage as fully as they are called to be in the life of the parish.
  • A good framework. Our Ministry Guilds are: St. Andrew’s Guild (Invitation/Welcome), Fellowship, Pastoral Care, Stewardship/Engagement, Communications, and Buildings & Grounds.
  • We just need to put on more muscle. We have a lot of challenges ahead, and we have recognized the need to organize ourselves and coordinate to do this work.

What we are currently working on:

  • Recruiting a Team Leader and building up our Ministry Guilds. We are looking for a person to lead the Parish Life Ministry Planning Team (convene quarterly planning meetings and coordinate with Guild Leaders to help them keep their “crickets” hopping in the right direction). Focusing on Feast Days and Special Occasions. We are coordinating with the Worship Planning Team and others to focus fellowship efforts on Feast Days and other special days.

What is upcoming for the next quarter (Advent/Christmas):

  • Nicholas Day. Theme – “Everything You Want to Know About St. Nick.” We’ll be coordinating with Christian Formation and Worship to make this day extra special.
  • Parish Greening–Potluck–Christmas Carol Party. A perennial favorite.
  • Christmas Eve with Character. Coordinating with Christian Formation and Worship.
  • Parish Photo Directory. Currently exploring this with Olan Mills for the first week of December.

Opportunities for Engagement:

We are hoping the people of St. Nick’s and our surrounding community will get involved through:

  • All In for Inviting, Welcoming, Connecting, and Caring. The four core activities of Parish Life are part of every Christian’s calling.  Simply watch for your opportunity. Contact: Meg Milligan.
  • Join our new Saint Andrew’s Guild (Invitation & Welcome). Andrew was the apostle of invitation and welcome. Our newest guild is all about it. Contact: Shivaun Wilkinson.
  • Join one of Parish Life other Guilds.
    • Engagement & Stewardship. Help people discover what God is calling them to do with their gifts, skills, interests, and all that God has given them. Contact: Mother Shivaun.
    • Includes: Hospitality (refreshments after services/coordinating potlucks on special occasions), Women’s Group (Chicks of St. Nick’s), Men’s Group, and Book Club. Contact: Meg Milligan.
    • Pastoral Care. Contact Reverend Beth O’Callaghan
    • Staying connected email newsletters, website, social media, traditional media, and all appropriate means. Contact: Roxanne Beatty or Ashley Myers.
    • Buildings and Grounds. Join the B&G Guild or just watch for a scheduled workday. Also, looking for a Guild Leader (to coordinate only, not to do it all). Contact: Andy Aviles.

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