A Place to Belong

Our vision for St. Nicholas Church is captured in our slogan: “A Place to Belong – A Place to Become”

When you come to St. Nick’s, you belong. Why? Because you are here…which means God brought you here. And because we have come to understand that Jesus Christ’s unconditional love is what creates Christian community, we invite all who God brings to us to participate fully in the life of our congregation.

This section of the website describes the various ways to participate in “belonging” at St. Nick’s: the various way you can RECEIVE the love of Christ. These include:

  • Worship. Experiencing the love of Christ as we worship the living God around a common altar.
  • Christian Formation. Learning about the love of Christ through age appropriate and multigenerational programs.
  • Parish Life. Experiencing the love of God in the love we share with each other in fellowship and pastoral care.

Use the drop down menus or click on the links above to find out more.

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